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Issues, Pull Requests and Discussions

This page lists all features that can be used across all issues, Pull requests and Discussions on GitHub.

General Features

General features are supported.

Table of Contents

MkDocs Extensions used

PyMdownx's MagicLink Extension

GitHub automatically shortens/alters a list of specific URL-patterns to have it more easy to read.


Posting a commit URL will automatically shorten it depending on some conditions.
When the URL points to a commit in the same repo, will it be changed to the first 7 characters of the commit SHA.
However, when the URL points to a commit of a separate repository, will the resulting text be in the form of user/repo@ commit

/// detail | Supported formats The following formats can be used to generate a link to a specific commit within an issue, Pull request or discussion:

  • :commit which is the full (or shortened) Commit has within the same repository.
  • :user@:commit which links to a commit made by :user on GitHub.
  • :user/:repo@:commit which links to a commit made in a specific repository :repo of user :user on GitHub. ///


Same Repository:

- 97c92e943f888101026473b2168c90398d92655c

Different Repository:

- jlord/sheetsee.js@a5c3785ed8d6a35868bc169f07e40e889087fd2e

Same Repository:

Different Repository:

Issues and Pull requests

You can link to issues and Pull requests in various ways.


Full URL:


Issue/Pull request number (Same repository):

- #2

Issue/Pull request number (External repository)

- jlord/sheetsee.js#26
- github/linguist#4039

Full URL:

Issue/Pull request number (own repository):

Issue/Pull request number (External repository):

File previews

When you link to a section of a file in a specific commit will GitHub show the targeted content in the Issue/Pull request.

Line 1 in 97c92e9
1 | mkdocs-material>=5.0.0

Color preview

When using inline code can you use a hashtag, followed by a hexadecimal color value (i.e. #ffffff) and GitHub will automatically add a small square in the provided color to it.


I like green: `#16c60c`

I like green: #16c60c 🟩

Advanced (task) lists

MkDocs Extensions used

PyMdownx's Tasklist Extension
PyMdownx's Emoji Extension (Custom icons)

Whenever you link an issue, Pull request or Discussion in a list or Task list will GitHub automatically display the title, id and the current state of the issue, Pull request or Discussion.

Whenever a issue or Pull request is linked in a task list and said issue/Pull request is closed or merged will the corresponding task list entry get "checked".


As of right now are links to org-level discussions ( not working.
You can bypass this limitation by removing /orgs and appending the repo name after :org/ followed by a forward slash.

Example: becomes


Representation not 100% accurate

- [ ] #15
- #16

External repository: